Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I like freerunning. Bunch of guys got together, started fucking around and jumping off of walls. It soon evolved into racing around big cities, using functional environments designed by other people for fun. With tonnes of risk, for fun. Excellent.

So tonight there is a freerunning tournament in London. Someone has built a cushioned course within a big warehouse and people are going to watch. I'm not a freerunner, but as an admirer I'm quite upset. No longer are these people invading and gloriously misusing cityscapes at great risk, but are coming together like competitive but performing monkeys. The warehouse is owned by someone else, rented out. The equipment is also owned by someone else and must be paid for by someone. It's selling out, plain and simple. Wait until Nike start sponsoring the special shoes. And when the stars, who started off their own backs, have to turn to the camera and say "Don't do this at home, kids," even though it's how they started.

I am a somewhat prolific graffiti artist, and this happens within the street art community. It's annoying and against some of the founding principles. Perhaps this is just another stage of the evolution of both forms, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

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