Thursday, 4 June 2009

Still Alive

Yes, I'm still alive. And still a student nurse, just about.

I was just signing on to wade into the debate on feminism and The Apprentice and whether the firing of Deborah was part of the patriarchal backlash.

It was first brought up by Jane Moore, a self-confessed feminist . Ignoring her, this very valid arguement that some behaviour in socially acceptable in men and unacceptable in women. This is a valid point in several debates, given we live under patriarchy and all.

The theory would carry more weight if there was a man left in the last five contenders who was abrupt, rude, ruthless and in-your-face. But there wasn't. In fact, most of men cut from this cloth were weeded out early on, so rather than take a solely feminist tack, it might be best to look at other factors. Woman or not, Deborah does rub people up the wrong way. Even her references didn't like her, y'know?

Anyway. It's a funny old thing. The 'business world' is still ran by white men who like to employ white men. Women are discriminated against particularly for various bollocks-reasons. Bolloc-easons if you will.

I actually like Deborah and I think she should've won the whole thing. Rudeness aside, she'd be a good person to work with. First off: she'd be too busy stabbing you in the front to stab you in the back and that's something I love. She has a can-do attitude and a love for business that made most of the other candidates look dull and passionless in comparison. But was it a matter of the style in which she rubbed people up the wrong way that lost her the deal in the end. And I'm not sure a man would've survived if he acted the same.

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