Thursday, 24 May 2007

Crime and Punishment (or lack of)

So my car got flipped over again last night, one of three on our road. And is possibly mortally damaged - either that, or it will mortally damage my wallet. And, despite the fact that we're 'Living In a Police State' there are no cameras and these 'young people' get away scott free. Again.

So, my wonderance is - where is the punishment? And what's the moral to these folk? Because the world seems to be saying you can get away with things, generally.

If the leaders of Liberty and their friends lived in rough areas, would they still be so touchy feely with gangs of young men who damage their property and scare local people? Would they still argue that they have human rights and are poor and underprivileged and deserve a break?

I don't think so.

I imagined killing them in several different ways. Bludgeoning is a good one. Or hanging them whilst broadcasting the whole event on the internet. Come on. This isn't Oliver-style 'I-stole-some-bread-to-feed-my-family-guv'nor' bullshit. This is just crime.

I've decided that, way in the future when it's possible, the perfect punishment would be to take over the brains of these youngsters and put them in the Matrix. Separate them from their friends. Put them into the body of a 91 year old woman living alone in their home borough. And then see how they like it.

I'm all for an eye for an eye. Compared to today's system which seems to be 'You take an eye and we'll... well.... get in a huff but not really do anything about it'.

Maybe we could put them on a control order and they could walk off. That might work.

When Roy has requested offroad parking for our new house, I was sceptical at first. But now it's a bit of a must.

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